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Preparation of long-term management plans for Israel’s national forests

JNF, Forestry Division - Preparation of long-term management plans for Israel’s national forests
Assistance in the preparation of long-term management plans for the JNF forests.  Information gathering and organization, data analysis, and preparation of the plan together with a team of forestry and planning professionals

Wildland-urban interface in Israel - forecasting the spread of fires and preparing fire protection plans

Assisting in the preparation of fire protection plans through models of fire risks and fire behavior. Deciphering vegetation and land use for the purpose of the model using satellite imagery.

fire risk model.jpg
fire brakes gis analysis.jpg

National mapping of the wildland/forest-urban interface in Israel for the purpose of planning the construction of buffer lines for fire protection


Evron Nature Reserve, Oil Pollution Event - Establishment of a Geographic Information System for Management and Integration in an Emergency Event

Establishment of a cloud mapping system for the purpose of collating information and coordinating amelioration efforts as well as determining the extent of the damage through remote sensing analysis. Building tools for managing and controlling the event.

אירוע זיהום נפט-עברונה.JPG
שמאות חקלאית.jpg

Agricultural Appraisal - Damage identification and analysis using high-resolution satellite imagery

Identify changes in agricultural areas for the purpose of assessing damages such as fires, floods, etc. Area calculations, analysis of fire events, preparation of maps, and comparison with historical and administrative information

Institute for Marine and Lake Research - a model for assessing the risk of marine pollution in the Mediterranean

Development of a GIS tool for running a marine pollution risk assessment model developed at Israel’s Institute for the Study of Seas and Lakes. The results are obtained on a pollution risk map for the eastern Mediterranean basin. The tool is used by the Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection and the European Union.

מכון לחקר ימים ואגמים.jpg

Azerbaijan - National Wheat and Barley Mapping using Remote Sensing 

A large-scale project of mapping with the help of remote sensing of all the wheat and barley areas in Azerbaijan. The work was done with the help of Sentinel satellite imagery, remote sensing models, and field controls.

Ethiopia - Large-scale land survey and agricultural planning

Extensive agricultural planning project in southwestern Ethiopia to improve the lives of rural residents. The work included the organization of geographical and climatic information, a detailed soil survey, relief analysis, soil uses, and hydrology. The spatial analysis allowed the calculation of available areas for agricultural development.

Etheyopia-Agricultural planning.JPG
תכנון חקלאי-פפואה ניו גינאה.jpg

Papua New Guinea - Remote Sensing Mapping and Spatial Analysis to Plan a Large-Scale Coffee Growing Project

As part of a regional development project, Thema provided a detailed analysis of the area and located available areas for agriculture. We also developed a cloud-based GIS for project field information management, update, and control.

Angola - Stabilizing sand dunes

A project to stop migrating sand dunes that threaten a coastal town in southern Angola on the border of the Namib Desert. The work included satellite imagery analysis, deciphering the motion of the dunes, soil survey, proposing methods for stopping the dunes, planning, mapping, and calculating areas.

angola-dune stubilization.JPG

Our projects around the world

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