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Thema is located at the interface between advanced technologies of GIS and remote sensing, and the practical needs of professionals in the fields of agriculture, environmental planning, ecology, conservation and development


MEET the team


Israel Tauber


He holds a bachelor's degree in agriculture (land and water) and a master's degree in geography. He graduated with honors from the United States Geographic Information Systems and Forest Management. He was one of the founders of the JNF's Geographic Information System and managed the JNF's field management, mapping and forest management field for over a decade. Served as a National Forest Officer of the JNF. Winner of the Israeli Association of Cartography and Geographic Information Systems Award. Author of the book "Double Steps - A Map Guide for Navigation".


John Woodcock


He holds a bachelor's degree in mathematics and physics and a master's degree in ecology. Managed the GIS project at the Jewish National Fund for many years. Expert in the operation of GIS tools and the development of spatial models for environmental planning. Won an award for an outstanding GIS project at the GIS conference in the UK. Active in the field of ecological education and the environment in the Misgav Regional Council and in the Citizens' Forum for the Beit Hakerem Valley


Adi Ben Nun

technological development

He holds a bachelor's degree in mathematics and philosophy from the Hebrew University and a master's degree in engineering. He managed the geographic information system at the Nature and Parks Authority and manages the GIS laboratory at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Michael Denisyuk


Graduate of mathematics studies and master's degree studies in forestry. Has more than 22 years of experience in development and projects in the field of GIS in the public and private sector. Extensive knowledge and experience in application development, establishment of geographic databases, spatial analysis and characterization of geographic information systems.


DaphnA Glazer

Business Development

Holds a master's degree in environmental protection, specializing in forest ecology.
Has over 10 years of experience in the field of GIS and remote sensing for open areas, agriculture and forests, with extensive experience working in start-up companies in the fields of precision agriculture, with customers in Israel and around the world. And specializes in tailoring practical tools and solutions to the customer.


Dr. Roni Drori

Remote sensing Expert

Holds a doctorate in geography and remote sensing. A global expert in his field, with over 20 years of experience in remote sensing. He took part in the establishment of the Israel’s National Monitoring Project (MARG) and managed complex projects in the fields of agriculture and land use and monitoring in Israel and around the world.
Roni uses his creativity to provide simple solutions to complex problems

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